#KittenATMs: A good cause on April Fool's Day

April 1, 2016

We'd like to thank Peaches, Pepper and Creampuff for their help with our #KittenATM April Fool's Day video. It was all for a good cause — to bring our "banking on a brighter future" campaign to our four-legged friends — and our feline stars were good sports. 

They starred in our “commercial” for a new and innovative BBVA Compass ATM that, instead of currency, dispensed some serious cuteness. Of course, this was all in good fun to celebrate April Fool’s Day and our bright futures don’t yet include kitten ATMs. 

“We wanted to have a little fun with the day while bringing our brand and commitment to bright futures to life,” said BBVA Compass Director of Digital Marketing Tuck Ross. “The Kitten ATM campaign was designed to delight viewers while giving them a glimpse at the way BBVA Compass does things a little differently.”

We hope we didn't get your hopes up with the idea of a kitten ATM. But if we did, we'd like to encourage you to visit humanesociety.org to find an equally adorable pet in need of a home. And be sure to go to our #KittenATM homepage for tips on being a smart pet owner.

In honor of our three stars, BBVA Compass will be donating to the Have a Heart Animal Rescue and Adoption in Birmingham, Ala., which introduced us to Peaches, Pepper and Creampuff. (And if you're curious, as of this writing, Pepper has already found his forever home.)

Until next year!